Track FMLA-Related Leave with AbsenceProSM

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and related state leave laws can be difficult to understand. Handled incorrectly, an FMLA-related leave can turn into a business risk, putting a company and its management in a position to be held liable for a mishandled situation.

Companies can either retain the risk, relying on their own personnel to figure it out or they can save time and money by using a leave administration expert.

How it Works

AbsenceProSM provides quick access to professionals who will answer questions, review guidelines and provide information regarding a job protected medical or family leave of absence.

Additionally, it allows those on FMLA to track and view detail on their absence online or via an app.

AbsenceProSM is available in conjunction with any Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company core group insurance product.

The Details

Service Features

  • Determination of leave eligibility
  • Approval/denial correspondence
  • Secure tracking of all requests and absences
  • Ability to track leaves concurrently with disability claims
  • Complete documentation for each case
  • Detailed reports on usage
  • Access to FMLA specialists and attorneys
  • Online tracking tools and resources
  • Administration for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)*

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