The value of Pension Guard

Many plan sponsors face major challenges in meeting the obligations of their defined benefit (DB) plans. Sustained low interest rates and lower-than-expected earnings jeopardize adequate plan funding, and administrative costs are rising steadily.

Pension Guard, an institutionally priced annuity, can help guarantee benefits and benefit options for participants under a terminated DB plan.

How Pension Guard works

Key Benefits for Plan Sponsors

  • Removes plan liabilities from their books
  • Allows the plan sponsor to provide an important participant benefit – with a minimum of cost and administration
  • Provides institutional pricing

Key Benefits for Participants

  • Guaranteed income for life or for a specified period
  • Ability to provide ongoing income for a joint annuitant
  • Multiple annuity payment options to meet a range of individual circumstances and goals
  • Optional cost-of-living adjustment, as permitted by the plan

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