What Can an Employee Assistance Program Offer?

employee assistance programs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are a way that companies can go the extra mile to provide care for their employees. Life isn’t always easy and when hardships arise, people need someone to turn to. In certain situations, the advice of friends and family isn’t enough or may be the cause of stress. Professional help may be needed. Managing a complex situation alone can be emotionally and physically exhausting and can interfere with daily responsibilities.

Materials geared to mental wellness, like a certified counselor or therapist can help a hurting individual realize they’re not alone and arm them with the tools they need to recover and get back on track with their personal and work life.

Employee Assistance Programs
The programs offered through EAPs include various types of help for struggling employees. There are numerous program options available, including private counseling sessions, group counseling, stress management materials, and financial wellness training.

The various types of Employee Assistance Programs can be geared toward your company’s needs. A Basic plan includes 24/7 phone access to counselors, with services available for employees and eligible dependents, and access to the EAP website and educational library. A step above the Basic plan is the Basic Enhanced plan, which includes the same services along with face-to-face counselor visits, employee communication materials, and financial and legal consultations. A Comprehensive plan includes all of those services along with financial and legal consultations, onsite opportunities for grief counseling, critical incident and stress management, and other employee trainings.

Inevitably, employees will face life-altering issues and need emotional assistance and support. While it may seem like a good fallback plan, in reality, an EAP is a proactive way of taking care of your employees. Not only will you be a better employer by having these services, but your business may see success through higher employee satisfaction and retention rates. Help take care of your employees and take care of your business by learning more about how an employee assistance program can help your business today.

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